Note #[Title]# updating

I’ve imported a scan and all of the findings in that scan show-up without a title. When I add a title to each finding, I would expect it to update the title in the “Notes” column, but it doesn’t. See screenshot.

Hi @sodaphish,

Dradis is actually looking for a #[Title]# field here with the specific title (e.g. MS09-048) as the value of that field. Can you try updating the Note with the following content and let me know if it’s displaying as expected?


Indeed, that solved that, BUT… do I have to close the #[Title]# tag? Its now treating the entire note as a title

@sodaphish, Thanks for the update! Yes, you’ll probably want to create more fields (using the #[ ]# syntax) in the Note. Maybe a #[Title]# field and then a #[Description]# field that contains all of the other content? Dradis is highly customizable so you can change the number of fields or the field names, whatever makes the most sense for you and your workflow.

If you’re using Dradis to export into a report, you will want to make sure that the field names line up with the report template. For a working example, have you checked out the PTES compliance package? It contains a sample project and an HTML template so that you can see how the project matches up with the report template: PTES Technical Guidelines Compliance Package | Industry - Dradis Academy