Dradis API - tag issues

Good evening,

we use the Dradis API to automatically upload issues from selected plugins. Is it possible to tag them automatically?

The problem is that this information is held in

“tags”: [{“color”: “COLOR”, “display_name”: “DISPLAY_NAME”}]

during the GET call to /pro/api/issues. However, if you tried to pass “tags” via the POST call in the text parameter, it would be seen as just another field entry.

It might be a good idea to also set the tags in the POST call to /pro/api/issues.

@sroschal thanks for this feedback! You’re right, the #[Tags]# field is only called during Issue creation (e.g. when you add an IssueLibrary entry to your project: Tag your IssueLibrary entries | Dradis Pro Help). If you update the #[Tags]# field on an existing Issue either manually or via the API, nothing triggers the colored tag to update. It’s definitely possible to update the tags of the Issues but not possible via the REST API at this time.

I have added the feature request to be able to tag findings through the REST API to our idea backlog to investigate adding in the future.

Thank you. We are currently trying to solve it for our customers with the Liquid Gateway Theme to read the tags out of the #[Tags]# field there.

@sroschal I also sent you an invite to our Dradis Pro Slack instance. There’s a #gateway channel there where we could discuss different options. It might be easier to adjust the Gateway theme to look at another field (e.g. Rating vs Tag) if you’re going to primarily be adding Issues via the REST API.