How to add a note title?

I know this may not be the best question but is there any way to give a note a title? They all appear with the title ‘This Note doesn’t provide a Title field’. I have had a look through the textile documentation incase there is something in there but was unable to get anything working.

I am running dradis 3.0.0.rc1 on Linux Mint 17.1

Do your notes have something like this?:

This is Title Text....

I didn’t, I have now tried that, but all content below that title line now appears as the title. I even tried multiple line breaks below the title line, with no success.

You want to make sure that you add another heading like #[Description]# to separate the body of the note from the title.

Hi @megah3rtz,

Sorry about that, the documentation at this stage needs some work (with the new website and everything), but for now, I think this resource may prove useful to cover the basics:


Fantastic, adding a second heading works and gives me a nice title without all the overflow. Appreciate the help, thanks!