HTML Export Properties and Variables - Dradis Framework v2.9.0

Apologies if this is something that should/is ridiculously easy and i’m just being a derp.

I’m having issues finding where “variables”/“properties” are set. It doesn’t appear to be within the main web interface at least. First example: The default HTML template features:

<title><%= title%></title>

Which translates to: Dradis Framework - v2.9.0

Is there some documentation i’ve missed that lists variables I can declare in my notes or elsewhere to populate the report?

Any help is welcome :smile:

To answer your question, no, there is no easy way to set variables/properties at the moment.

That title value comes from the plugin itself: processor.rb#L7

The good news is that the template itself is a blank slate, you can use ERB to do quite literally anything you want. For instance, you can remove the <%= title %> call altogether and replace it with your own title. Or you can run arbritrary Ruby code inside it.

The best documentation I can think of is this guide

It’s from Dradis Pro, but the basics of the HTML export plugin are the same.


Thanks for the reply.

I thought as much, not a showstopper though as you say I can put whatever I like there.

As for Pro, I’m hoping that my playing with it (providing I can get this report working properly) will provide some ammunition to the powers that be to stump up for the pro version.