Recent documentation

Are there any more recent documentation references regarding the reporting and importing features of Dradis? I got Dradis up and running and successful imported an nmap and nessus scan, however, when I want to create a Word template to export these to, the directions are a little vague and seem to be dated. Am I missing something? Located here: Dradis Framework GuidesDradis Framework Guides: WordExport report templates, in the second step shows some text I am not sure where it comes from. I am doing this for a final project at my university and would really love to get behind Dradis and I think this is an awesome opportunity and really want to keep moving with this so any help is appreciated.

TLDR; I need some assistance in creating Word templates to have nmap and nessus scan results exported to ie creating custom fields, creating a knowledge base/central repository of common vulnerabilities, recommendations, and remediations.

To clarify, I am on a Kali VM with version 2.9

Hi @thricegr8,

You are right, the docs are a bit dated on the Word front. The technique we were using to generate those documents in the past (by using custom XML tags) was removed from Word by Microsoft (after loosing a patent-infringement case, more info), as a result the functionality is broken.

As workarounds I’d recommend the HTML export generator and the PDF generators that you can find here: