How do I get started

Using Cloud9, I’ve got a workspace ready to go. I’ve never used OneNote, Basket, Dradis or anything else like it.

I’ve generally used Windows Explorer, ExplorerXP and organized my information in a folder with subfolders.

The first 2 things I want to do are:

  1. Collect clips from books related to my subject and save them as some sort of image or note. Where does this info go in Dradis?

  2. I want to analyze an orphaned Tripod (yes Tripod) website that was never completed and has some bad programming. Many of its pages are disconnected. What tool should I use and how do I save the info in Dradis? plus I will probably have to look at the internet archive and save some of that info also…

1 more question: when I find websites that contain information I might want to look at later, how do I save that in Dradis? What I do now is create a bookmark folder and then keep the website as a bookmark.

@mkl194 Rachael with the Dradis support team here. I’m hoping that other users will be able to chime in with more on the different ways that they organize information.

From my perspective, the way that you should organize content just depends on how you want to report the information. You can organize it just about any way possible! But, if you want to get the information to show up in a report, you’ll want to put data in the correct place (e.g. Issues/Evidence/Notes, etc).

Have you tried playing with any of our Compliance Packs to get an idea for how Dradis organizes information and some of the reporting options? Compliance standards templates and samples - Dradis Academy. Those would be a great way to get an overview.

I’m on the gathering information step - I still can’t figure out how or where I put basic information into the system.

The compliance packs aren’t real helpful, they’re just too complicated to be useful for learning from the very beginning.

Starting from the very beginning, how do I save a simple bookmark and save a picture?

@mkl194 Bookmarks aren’t really something that Dradis does as it’s not a browser. Maybe drop the link into a Note? Working with notes | Dradis Pro Help

And, here’s more on uploading screenshots to your project: Text styles and screenshots | Dradis Pro Help

Note that these are both Pro guides: Dradis Framework Editions - Dradis Professional Edition. You may run into references to Pro-only features in other guides!