Cant add attachments

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Dradis so please bare with me… I am running it on Kali 2.0 which it comes pre-installed on. I am having two issues so far.

  1. I cannot add attachments at all. I click browse and select one that I want (an image) and when I click upload nothing happens it does not load, and if I leave the page my attachment does not stay. (no errors either)

  2. I cannot generate any reports if I go to export results and try to generate a report a get a page with a red header that says:
    Errno::EISDIR in Dradis::Plugins::HtmlExport::BaseController#index

Any help would be great let me know if I could provide any additional info that would be helpful.


Hi Justing,

I have the same issue as you regarding the attachments. Did you manage to sort it out?

Kind Regards

Hi, can someone from Dradis help with this request? I can see two people reporting this since August and no one has responded, I just downloaded the latest version 3.0.0 and this basic but very important feature to add attachments is not working so we cannot do anything with Dradis. Please help

All, sorry for the late reply!

Attachments issue should be fixed, see here:

The HTML issue is also fixed, just git pull dradis-html_export (see Exporter - use the right version variable for CE · dradis/dradis-html_export@1d4e99f · GitHub)