Community Edition API calls

I’ve been fidgeting around with a project and it requires me to use the Dradis API, but all of the documentation that I can find is the PRO edition (even the ones on the CE documentation website haha)
As for a little context: I want to be able to upload attachments to projects.

So my question is, what is the right ‘url’ to use? IE: /pro/api/teams in the CURL.

Hi there,

Good news / bad news situation. The CE API is pretty similar to the Pro one, in CE you’re always working on /project/1. The docs for the resouces inside a project Nodes/Issues/Evidence/etc. should apply to both editions:

If you want to look under the hood, these are the actual CE API routes:

As for the bad news, there isn’t a way to send an attachment binary/blob through the API just yet.

Can you describe the use case? Would you be able to send it over SSH? Then we can process it from there. If you tell us what you’re needing, perhaps there’s a way to get it done!

Thank you so much for the reaction! :slight_smile:
The git definitely helps me understand a bit better where my attempts went wrong and also reassures me that at least some of my ideas are possible.

As for the use case, I currently have a script that scrapes information from a web application. The idea was to send this information as evidence to Dradis along with a png attachment. The information and files are ready, just the connection part is left. SSH is definitely available!