Pro/CE Project compatibility

I am working on a project which has adopted the Pro version, but the general framework and its methodologies would be great to be able to share with the DradisCE as well (and an earlier version of the project did manage to cross both worlds more or less).

Currently, when I’m importing the Pro project to CE, I am getting this error:

[20:26:32] undefined method `text’ for nil:NilClass

And then the process completes, but no project has been imported. Has anyone else seen/defeated this? The interwebs seem to point to nokogiri as a likely culprit.

Can you run the import from the console?

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec thor dradis:upload:project:template <file>

Or use dradis:upload:project:package if what you have is a .zip file.

Same bug on the CL as in the web console:

    Uncompressing the file
Loading XML state file
Loading template file from: /home/ii/dradis-git/server/tmp/zip/dradis-repository.xml
Looking for category: Issue description
Looking for category: default category
Looking for category: AdvancedWordExport properties
Looking for category: AdvancedWordExport ready
Looking for category: methodology
undefined method `text' for nil:NilClass