Dradis-CE 3.6 - Failed Project Import - Invalid project template format

Hi Rachel / Daniel / Dradis Community

So I managed to get Dradis-CE 3.6 working after a lengthy troubleshooting sessions and upgrading from 3.1.0RC2. Now it’s seemingly working OK I am trying to import my project, exported as a package (zip) from 3.1.0.RC2, but it fails with these errors, so am looking for pointers to try and resolve the problem?

[17:17:04] Enqueueing job to start in the background.

[17:17:04] Job id is 62e562e4-9913-4ccb-9057-64e73e225668.

[17:17:06] Running Ruby version 2.2.2

[17:17:06] Worker process starting background task.

[17:17:06] Uncompressing the file…

[17:17:06] 3/dradis_template-oscp.v0.3.html.erb

[17:17:06] 3/msf_db_export

[17:17:07] 3/export.xml

[17:17:07] 3/OpenVAS_v8_full_fast.xml

[17:17:07] 3/lab_nikto_http.xml


[17:17:10] 853/proof.txt.png

[17:17:10] 853/ftp_commands.png

[17:17:10] 853/dir_payload.png

[17:17:10] 853/root_shell.png

[17:17:10] dradis-repository.xml

[17:17:10] Done.

[17:17:10] Loading XML template file…

[17:17:10] Loading template file from: /opt/dradis-ce/tmp/zip/dradis-repository.xml

[17:17:10] Done.

[17:17:10] Invalid project template format.

[17:17:10] Done.

[17:17:10] Moving attachments to their final destinations…

[17:17:10] undefined method `’ for false:FalseClass

So I have narrowed down the problem.

All backups dated 11th April or earlier restore correctly into Dradis_CE 3.6 or 3.1.0RC2

All backups dated 12th April onwards fail into into Dradis_CE 3.6 or 3.1.0RC2

I’ll restore my snapshot of the latest data using 3.2.10RC2 and see if I can find anything. It seems something was entered /changed on 12th April that is causing the restoration to fail. But I really don’t know what I’m looking for, so any guidance sincerely appreciated.

So after many hour of troubleshooting I’m at a loss where to go from here. See the Dradis-CE 3.1.0RC2 or 3.6 - Failed Recovery from Backup - Validation Failed - Taggable Can't be Blank · Issue #112 · dradis/dradis-ce · GitHub thread for extensive notes of all thr troublshooting I’ve tried. I really could do with some help to move forward from here.

I can’t continue to use 3.1.0RC2 knowing the backups aren’t working. I can’t recreate the data from the last working backed in 3.6 and manually recreate any more data as any subsequent backups also fail to reimport, from what looks like a different issue. Either way I risk progressing with my active project knowing I don’t have backups or a sound environment.


This problem has now been resolve thanks to Dradis’s excellent technical support, see the github issue for the resolution.

Basically some bad characters had been copied and pasted into a node’s evidence which was breaking the backup files. Once we had managed to locate the bad characters and delete them backups started working again!

Awesome support!

This problem has now been resolve thanks to Dradis’s excellent technical support, see the github issue for the resolution.

I’m now running Dradis-CE 3.6 on Kali 2016.2 i686 Offensive Security PWK Image :slight_smile: