How to add a project template when creating a Dradis project using the Dradis HTTP API


I’m using the Dradis API to try automate some tasks to save time and increase productivity, but I’m running into a problem. When I create a project I am unable to select a project template. I can only select a report template. The project template is an xml file,

There must be a way for me to add a project template when when creating a new project through the API, instead of me doing it manually.

Hi @Cyborg244, are you using Dradis Pro or the Community Edition? It isn’t currently possible to select a report template (XML file) when creating a project through the REST API. But, the REST API is a relatively young feature and we plan to expand it in the future. I can add your feature request to our idea backlog to investigate adding in the future.

Edited to add: what about uploading the project template through thor? Would that be an option?

Hi @Cyborg244 we have working code for this now that will ship in the next release. Are you on the Slack group?