"Hang tight while your project is being created" Dradis Enterprise

Hi there,

Our Dradis Enterprise appears to be having trouble creating projects. Perhaps it has something to do with not selecting a project template?

After installation, i created an account, signed in, Add Project, Set Project Name, Selected a Team, do not select a project template then click ‘Create Project’.

It looks like something broke in the backend? - the web app is poling the ‘/pro/project_creations/2.json’ endpoint, which has been returning “state “being_created”” for two hours.


Hey @Damien.Stevens, what are the specs of your Dradis instance? If they don’t match the minimums here (especially memory), could you try increasing them, then restarting the VM and giving this another try? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If needed, you also delete projects via the command line. This guide should help: User's guide to the Dradis console | Dradis Pro Help. Start at the top, then click down to Projects and delete the project(s)