Insert Acunetix Scan template into report [pro]

Hi Everibody!

I’m generating a report Template for Acunetix results and I imported several fields from Plugin Manager Acunetix Report and Evidence templates but it does not bring any fields from Scan template (I’m trying to import #[StartURL]# %scan.start_url%). Someone know if there is any limitation to bring fields from Scan template? At the example bellow, all information is correctly shown at the word template, except of StartURL.


Hi @fnmafra,
The Acunetix Scan template is going to create a Note on the Node that contains the scan data. Here’s an example of one of those Notes within Dradis:

To export this Note into your report template. I’d recommend adding a #[Type]# field to your Plugin Manager configuration for the Scan template like:
#[Type]# Scan

(Add it to the Notes in any existing projects as well if you are going to export them) Then, the following fields in your report template should give you the data you’re looking for:

Remember to filter the Note control by Type|Scan:

Finally, you’ll notice in the first example screenshot that the Note category is Default. In order to get the Note to export into your report template, you’ll need to change the type to AdvancedWordExport Ready.

Give it a try and keep us posted with any updates!

Hi @rachkor
Thank you very much! At the beginning, I wasn’t able to insert this information because I was creating this fields inside the Issue. I tested out and worked properly.
Is there one way to bring it inside the Issue, like the screen that I posted before? In my report, we give the following fields: Vuln Title, Description, Affected URL (including the page, which I called as Port) and Recommendation.


There isn’t a way to pull the Note data directly into the Issues. What about using the Affected control or the Evidence label control instead of the StartURL within the Issue? Then, you could include the StartURL data from Acunetix somewhere else in your report (not inside the Issue control).