Acunetix XML import plugin (fix needed)

CVEList and CWEList entries are not recognized by this plugin in XML provided with newer version of Acunetix v13

An example of the XML syntax:

                <CWE id="200"><![CDATA[CWE-200]]></CWE>

Futhermore, there are tags in the XML output that are bad imported into Dradis, see below:


Anyone can help?

@0xf123456 I already replied here (Call for samples: Acunetix XML - #4 by rachkor) but there’s extra info here that might be important. For all of these points you raised, we need a sample file! The report_item.cve_list field should (in theory: Tools, Templates, and Fields | Dradis Pro Help) still be working but they could have changed the XML syntax there as well. If you can get us a sample file so that we can replicate, we should be able to resolve all of these points you mentioned!