Dradis v3.11 OpenVas Ver 9 xml import not working

I am having an issue with importing OpenVasV9 xml report.
I can import nmap xml files just fine…

OpenVas Information:
Package: openvas
Version: 9.0.2
Greenbone Security Assistant 7.0.3
OpenVAS Manager 7.0.3
OpenVAS Scanner 5.1.3
openvas-nasl 9.0.3
gnutls 3.5.18
libssh 0.7.0/openssl/zlib
gpgme 1.10.0

Here is the output:
[15:09:50] Small attachment detected. Processing in line.

[15:09:50] Parsing OpenVAS output file…

[15:09:50] Done

[15:09:50] No report results were detected in the uploaded file (/report). Ensure you uploaded an OpenVAS XML report.

[15:09:50] Worker process completed.



@vteddie thanks for reaching out! I think that OpenVAS released V9 with some changes to their XML that are causing issues with our upload plugin. This same thing happened when they released V8 but we just quickly uploaded the plugin. Would you be able to you provide us with a few OpenVAS V8 sample files? Feel free to send them to us via Slack if that’s easier: https://evening-hamlet-4416.herokuapp.com/

Hello Rachkor,

I can upload the file I have that failed. Is that ok?



That would be great, thank you @vteddie! We rely on users like you for source files like this so really appreciate the help. Feel free to DM it to me (@rachkor) on Slack if that’s easier!

Hey @vteddie, could you confirm how you exported the report you sent me? It looks like you may have used get_results_response rather than get_reports (or something along those lines, remember that I’m not an OpenVAS user!) OpenVAS - Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner. We received a few more V9 OpenVAS reports from other users and they’re uploading as expected. I think we may just need to get you exporting the OpenVAS XML file that Dradis is expecting?

Hello @rachkor

After reading your response, I went back & noticed I was using “Anonymous XML”.

I changed this to “XML, the tricky part was you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find it……

I then downloaded the xml file & was able to import it into Dradis!

I now have a ton of issues reporting now!

If someone else has this issue, have them change to just “XML” at the very bottom & out of site!!!

Thank you so much!