Export results from OpenVas plugin are odd

I have uploaded my OpenVas XML file into Dradis, but the plugin output in the export results is only showing IP addresses of 127.0.0.x. I am expecting the output to reflect the IP addresses of the hosts (192.168.59.x) that were scanned with OpenVas. What am I doing wrong here? Why is it showing loopback addresses?

  • Here is a screen shot of my upload screen - appears successful

  • Screen shot of console during upload - appears successful

  • Screen shot of Export Manager used to generate an HTML report

  • Screen shot of HTML report with 127.0.0.x addresses - unexpected output

System Info:
Dradis version installed on Kali 2020.2 from Git on 07/12/2020 (GitHub - dradis/dradis-ce: Dradis Framework: Colllaboration and reporting for IT Security teams)
version 3.17.1

I seem to have answered my own question. Maybe. OpenVas is maintained by Greenbone. I dug this out of their support page.

It seems that I may have exported the OpenVas report in Anonymous XML format. This may be why the IP addresses in my Dradis report were all jacked up.

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