Dradis-OpenVAS Imports

Is it possible either in Dradis CE or Dradis Pro to automatically import reports and alerts generated in OpenVAS 9 ?

@Pradeep12 I just checked and we have several reports of OpenVAS 8 working without a problem. Since Pro and CE use the same upload plugin, either one works for testing. Could you upload it to Dradis CE and let me know if the file loads as expected? Most version updates on OpenVAS don’t seem to touch the internal XML structure (what Dradis cares about) but if something did change, we’ll gather a sample file and work on updating our upload plugin!

I have OpenVas 9 and I am trying to import to Dradis CE.
Im my case I am using Dradis packaged in the SIEMonster stack.

How can I send you a text xml file?

When I try to import the file I get:

[22:45:51] Small attachment detected. Processing in line.

[22:45:51] Parsing OpenVAS output file…

[22:45:51] Done

[22:45:51] No report results were detected in the uploaded file (/report). Ensure you uploaded an OpenVAS XML report.

@SIEM1 how’s Slack? You can join the CE Slack here: https://evening-hamlet-4416.herokuapp.com/. If you want to DM me a file, I’m @rachkor over there as well.

Also, if you or anyone else wants to take a crack at updating the OpenVAS plugin to work with any formatting changes, we would love a PR here! GitHub - dradis/dradis-openvas: OpenVAS plugin for the Dradis Framework