Importing from nmap xml doesn't create ports/notes/anything

hi guys,

I started learning pentesting a few weeks ago and I would like to have a look at the functionality provided by Dradis (2.9.0, Kali).
The server starts, I can connect to it, add branches, notes etc but when I import nmap xml files dradis only creates a node for the IP address but it doesn’t populate it with the open ports, banners, etc.

Is there any configuration that needs to be done in order for this to work properly?

Thank you.

Hi @camonect,

I’d recommend you download / untar the archive for 3.0 in your home folder, and use that one. It should have better support than the old v2.9.

Let me know how it goes!

Testing this on dradis-3.0.0.rc2-linux-x86.
Currently receive the following error when attempting to process an nmap xml file:

[13:32:12] Parsing Nmap output from /data/home/Desktop/tools/documenting/dradis-3.0.0.rc2-linux-x86/lib/app/attachments/2/nmap-tcp-syn-discovery.xml...
[13:32:12] Done.
[13:32:12] Validating Nmap output...
[13:32:12] Done.
[13:32:12] New host: [redacted]
[13:32:12] There was a fatal error processing your upload:
[13:32:12] undefined method `set_property' for #<Dradis::Core::Node:0xfa8fcc30>
[13:32:12] Worker process completed.

No new nodes or data are imported into dradis.

I am also facing the same problem on dradis-3.0.0.rc2-linux-x86 when uploding nmap xml, it shows the following error “undefined method `set_property’ for #Dradis::Core::Node:0xfa8fcc30”.
Guys, plese help me as i got stuck at this point.

Thank You

I am receiving the same error as meepmeep. Any solution?

Earlier today I posted a workaround in the GitHub tracker: