Call for samples: Acunetix XML

Hi all,

Does anyone have samples of the Acunetix XML they can share? I’m in the process of creating a connector and the more samples we’ve got the better.

Follow the status of the project here:


Quick update, this plugin is now implemented and should be parsing all Acunetix XML files.


CVEList and CWEList entries are not recognized by this plugin in XML provided with newer version of Acunetix, i have tried to fix this without success …

An example of the XML syntax:

                <CWE id="200"><![CDATA[CWE-200]]></CWE>

Anyone can help?

@0xf123456 it looks like Acunetix must have updated their XML syntax on us as I don’t see the <CWEList> tag in any of the sample files that we have. And, it’s not listed as an available field here so the plugin would need to be updated before it would import: Tools, Templates, and Fields | Dradis Pro Help.

Would you be able to provide us with a sample file? That’s all we need to get started on the update.