Qualys XML not compatible?


When I download a Qualys XML and try to upload it to Dradis Pro, it doesn’t work. It states it parsed it, but no results were found (which is not true, I explicitly added a file with results).
When I check the plugin manager I see that my Qualys XML and the Plugin Manager sample look different, but I assumed that if I use a standard Qualys XML that I should be able to get it in Dradis. Any ideas what to do to fix this and get my results in Dradis?

Hi @Mako, I’m not a Qualys expert myself but I understand that there are several places where you can download XML files from the Qualys UI. Where in Qualys did you generate the XML file?

This is the workflow that other users have verified works to generate the XML files that Dradis is looking for:

  1. Within the Vulnerability Management module, navigate to the Scans tab (note that another user mentioned that there are two ‘Scans’ tabs!)
  2. Choose the drop-down arrow on a scan
  3. Select Download
  4. Choose the XML output format

Could you give that a try and let me know if you’re able to upload that XML file into Dradis?

hi Rachkor,

Thanks so much, this did the trick! Is there a way to close this topic?

Kind regards

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