Problem with installation


I try to install the framework on an ubuntu machine on amazon aws.
I follow the guide on: Dradis Framework GuidesDradis Framework Guides: Installing Dradis on Ubuntu
It didn’t work properly, in the step “To activate the gemset just enter the server/ directory and answer yes when RVM asks” I had a different output (it didn’t ask me anything when I enter the directory).
Other issues I found were with config/secrets.yml (I leave a token in the file, I know it is not the best but I want to use the framework ASAP)
Also, in the guide they don’t say it, but I enter server and did a “bundle install”.
I run ./ and I can connect to http://IP:3000 but it looks terrible, I check source code and try to load CSS and JS, and they don’t load (I guess there’s the problem)


Hi Agora,

Using RVM is no longer the recommended approach (for Dradis 3.0). We now encourage you to use the download-and-run packages from:

If you give this a try and have issues in Ubuntu, please let us know.