Problem installing dradis from git from last week

After writing $ bundle install --path dradis/bin i got this as an error message attached with pic.

Please Fast reply already wasted my 1 week on installation but not suceed.

kgio is a dependency for using the unicorn web server
it just happens that it’s more a “unix” thing: Index of /unicorn/
but looks like some people managed to make it work on windows:

You are right that installing our app may be quite cumbersome right now, we are working on that. We already provide a standalone executable on MacOS (Dradis Framework - Browse /dradis/v3.6 at and we are working on a similar package for Linux.

I am really frustated ,plz any solution to download it for windows

@shubhammahawar have you tried the Cloud9 install guide? Installing Dradis on Cloud9 | Dradis Framework That will allow you to install Dradis without any system-specific installation problems.