Can't install dradis on raspberry pi linux

When I install the tar gz file and unpack it, when I try to execute the dradis-webapp and dradis-worker, it say’s can’t execute a binary file. Can you guys please help?

These aren’t binary files but Bash scripts:

Is Bash available in raspberry pi linux?

ps. btw, great project

Bash is definitely available. I tried to install on my pi and received the following errors:

pi@raspberrypi ~/dradis-3.0.0.rc3-linux-x86_64 $ ./dradis-webapp && ./dradis-worker 
/home/pi/dradis-3.0.0.rc3-linux-x86_64/lib/ruby/bin/ruby: line 6: /home/pi/dradis-3.0.0.rc3-linux-x86_64/lib/ruby/bin.real/ruby: cannot execute binary file
/home/pi/dradis-3.0.0.rc3-linux-x86_64/lib/ruby/bin/ruby: line 6: /home/pi/dradis-3.0.0.rc3-linux-x86_64/lib/ruby/bin.real/ruby: Success

My initial guess is that the pre-packaged ruby is having trouble running on the raspberry pi. i am curious about trying out the docker install, but i imagine it would produce similar results.

I decided to install from git. However gems take an incredible long time to install on the pi. And the Raspbian ruby packages are too old of versions. To follow the instructions, anyone else doing this will need to do a gem install of both ‘bundler’ and ‘rails’ prior to running the ‘bundle install’ and ‘bundle exec’ commands. Here’s how far I’ve gotten (it’s still installing):

$ sudo gem install bundler -V
$ sudo gem install rails -V
$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/bundle /usr/bin/bundle
$ bundle install

when that finishes, i’m hoping to run:

$ bundle exec rails server

I’ll update when this finally finishes.