Upload nmap xml doesn't work

I’m trying to upload an xml output from nmap, but without results. I have the resque process running in background:

bundle exec rake resque:work

and after completing the upload, the messages I get are:
[09:46:31] Enqueueing job to start in the background. [09:46:31] Job id is b2acdaf4-fb0a-4a3a-8b3c-f7953bf3b847. [09:46:32] Running Ruby version 2.3.1 [09:46:32] Worker process starting background task.
but, after that, nothing happened.

For the nmap plugin, I have modified the Gemfile.plugins and Gemfile.plugins.template:

gem 'dradis-nmap', '~> 3.1', path: '../dradis-nmap/'

Is it correct ?

Looking at the redis keys, I have:
1) "resque:queues" 2) "resque:workers:heartbeat" 3) "resque:worker:p1:18696:*:started" 4) "resque:stat:failed" 5) "resque:stat:failed:p1:18696:*" 6) "resque:workers" 7) "resque:failed" 8) "resque:stat:processed" 9) "resque:stat:processed:p1:18696:*"
Any help would be appreciated !
Thank you

Does the file upload Ok through:

$ bundle exec thor dradis:plugins:nmap:upload /path/to/file