Issues with uploads


I have just installed using cloud9, using the latest Git and following the instructions.

I received no errors during the installation.

I have now uploaded a Nessus file and a Nexpose XML file. Neither of these has been processed and no data has been extracted.

I looked the the Gemfile.plugins and the plugins are all enabled.

Can anyone assist in getting this working? I’m keen to look at this before potentially subscribing to the Pro version.


Hi @blocks,

There are two components to running Dradis: the web app and the background worker (that processes the uploads). It seems that your background worker isn’t running (and I’ve just checked the docs, and we make no reference to that there, so thanks for the pointer, and we’ll make sure to update the info).

To get the background worker running:

bundle exec rake resque:work

That should do the trick.

Alternatively you can process the files directly through the console, using Thor as described in [i], for a Nessus or Nexpose file, the tasks you’ll need are:

bundle exec thor dradis:plugins:nessus:upload /path/to/file
bundle exec thor dradis:plugins:nexpose:upload /path/to/file



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the follow up.

When I run the command for nexpose below I get an error stating:

could not find command dradis:plugins:nexpose:upload

Any ideas?

Yes, it looks like the Nexpose plugin is not loaded into the framework.

Copy Gemfile.plugins.template to Gemfile.plugins and make sure all the plugins you need are uncommented. Then run: bundle install to get them.

After that, bundle exec thor -T should give you a full list of tasks, including the dradis:plugins:nexpose:upload one for Nexpose.