No screenshot in report

Hallo , I am new to Dradis and use the Dradis on Kali 2 Rollin.I want to use it for my OSCP ,have uploaded the OSCP template to generate my reports.When I import a png screenshot i can not see
it in the exported report.What am I doing wrong


Hi @joergric, I’m Rachael with the Dradis support team. Here’s our guide showing how to include screenshots in your report: Text styles and screenshots | Dradis Pro Help
Is the screenshot appearing as expected within Dradis? If not, try re-adding the screenshot to your project using the steps outlined in the guide above. If that doesn’t work, could you post a screenshot here showing how you’ve added the screenshot within your project? (yes, a screenshot of a screenshot!)

Hallo Rachael, now it worked , i have imported the example OSCP Report and saw that the link of the screenshot was from a folder of a pro edition.Another question is there a good guide to install the pdf export function to work on Kali