Nessus to Excel duplication


We’re using Dradis to pull information from Nessus scans, output that into an Excel spreadsheet and then a whole bunch of functions and the like to pull the data into another sheet that we use for tracking and remediating.

I’ve run into an issue where if we have two unique machines with identical vulnerabilities (same title, description, plugin etc from Nessus) but different IPs, I can’t find a way to combine those rows and then keep the unique information, such as IP address or hostname. Essentially to take the same vulnerability from two rows to one row without losing the IP.

Is this something that could be done in Dradis directly, or am I going to have more luck still trying to find a way with Excel?

Hey @Ameno are you currently using Dradis CE or Dradis Pro? Since CE only exports to CSV, we don’t really have the ability to make a custom template the same way that we can with Excel for Pro: Intro to Custom Excel Reports | Dradis Pro Help.

Assuming you’re using Pro, this is something I’ve dealt with before using an Excel macro. Basically, a macro goes through, looks for 2 rows that are identical (usually matching Titles) and then concatenates the IPs into the same cell before deleting the unwanted row. If you’re using Pro, send me an email and I can get you a copy of our sample macro if you want to DIY or I can implement it into your report template.

Again, if you’re not using Pro, let me know and we can talk options!

That sounds like exactly what we’re looking for. To confirm, we’re using Dradis Pro.

How do I go about emailing you?

@Ameno just DM’d you the email to avoid spam. Speak soon!