Internal Server Error!

Hello there! I have recently downloaded the newest Kali in a VM, I started up the Dradis service and tried to open up it up in a browser but I received this error : Internal Server Error unititialized constant Rack::Handler::WEBrick::QUERY_STRING WEBrick/1.3.1 (Ruby/2.2.3/2015-08018) Open SSL/1.0.2d at What the heck does this mean, and what do I do, thanks!

I’m not sure what it means. Some sort of SSL error, were you using “https://” to access the URL?

Also, can you paste the contents of ./script/server?

I’m getting the same thing in Kali 2.0. Only server I see in the /usr/lib/dradis folder is under a bunch of subfolders.

I used https: to confirm. Where specifically is the ./script/server ?