I don't know how install dradis on kali linux (VMWare)

I don’t know how install dradis on kali linux (VMWare) … please can anyone learns me how can i install it … step by step


What version of Dradis do you need to run?

Kali ships with v2.9, there is no need to install anything.

If you want to install 3.0, use the relevant windows package from here:

Or the git instructions from here:

i wanna run 2.9
and please tell me the steps how can i install this verison

If you go to /usr/lib/dradis it should already be installed there, you can then ./start.sh

You can see the commands (audio is in Russian) in this video:

Hope that helps.

can you plz upload a video showing the full path in englsh

I have installed new version just now. It is working great.