Error in running Dradis

I am using latest kali linux 2016.2 . When I run dradis(pre-installed), browser shows me unable to connect.
Should I reinstall from github? or any other solution?

@hackingNerd, we recommend installing Dradis on Kali using the latest version from Git. Here’s a quick guide to the process: Installing Dradis on Kali Linux | Dradis Framework. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

can you help me?

i am using latest kali linux 2016.2 too, but i don’t know how to start dradis.

before kali linux 2016.2, use dradis is so easy.

service dradis start ,

but the latest kali linux 2016.2 cann’t work.

can you tell me the method to use dradis?

Thanks @brian, I just responded in your other thread here:

Keep us posted with any updates!

  1. Start dradis (as root or with sudo): service dradis start
  2. Check that dradis is running: service dradis status
  3. Dradis listen on TCP-port 3000, so you must go to http://localhost:3000