ERROR bad Request-Line

I have just installed dradis on my ubuntu server. but when trying to browse to it it is redirecting me to HTTPS and then i get the below error

[2016-06-22 16:31:14] ERROR bad Request-Line \x16\x03\x01\x00�\x01\x00\x00�\x03\x03�#�/א�\x0E�X��ɰ\x04;�R�˖�P_��R�e�z�\x00\x00\x1A�+�/̨̩�'. [2016-06-22 16:31:15] ERROR bad Request-Line \x16\x03\x01\x00�\x01\x00\x00�\x03\x03J$�j�4H��7�\x03I`�QqIA�]\x15&C�E�\x11�v\x00\x00\x1A�+�/̨̩�’.

its a brand new VM i have just created. i have the required nodejs installed

and i have bound the listening address to

./dradis-webapp -b && ./dradis-worker

any thoughts how to fix this?

Hi @leonteale,

Yes, I think it’s caused by this line:

Which you’ll find in:


After toggling the flag, restart the services and you should be good to go.


THis worked. sorry it was quite difficult to locate this setting.