dradis3.0's error

0x1 upload error:

There is a question that when I use dradis3.0’s “upload output from tool”,after installed dradisframework and configured the Gemfile.plugins file,it says like this:

NoMethodError in

Showing /root/dradis/dradis-theme_snowcrash/app/views/dradis/frontend/upload/index.html.erb where line #9 raised:

undefined method `map' for nil:NilClass

0x2 configuration

Routing Error
No route matches [GET] "/configurations_path"
Rails.root: /root/dradis/dradisframework

Hi @jack,

Thanks for that, re: 0x1, it seems that the list of plugins is empty. Can you please browse to:


(you’ll need to run the app in Development mode for that)

And see if anything is listed under the Upload section?

Also, we’re tracking this issue here: https://github.com/dradis/dradis-theme_snowcrash/issues/3

re: 0x2

Nice catch, I’ve added it to the tracker here:


Hopefully someone will be able to look into it next week. We’re aiming to get a “release candidate” ready by the end of the week (famous last words!).