Dradis Framework 3.1 rc1 is in the repo

Hi all,

We’ve got a new version of Dradis almost ready. This one adds:

  • Issue Tagging
  • Testing methodologies
  • Node properties
  • More stable / robust development lifecycle.

It also should deal with issues in the previous 3.0 release (attachments, UI, etc.).

You can check out the code from GitHub:

$ git clone https://github.com/dradis/dradis-ce
$ cd dradis-ce/
$ ./bin/setup

UPDATE We’ll be preparing binary packages for Mac and Linux during the week. We have binary packages too, get them from Download the latest version | Dradis Framework

Testing, feedback and pull requests are welcome.

We’re also putting a more comprehensive “from Git to running” guide. Watch this space.
The step-by-step Install from Git guide is out.