CE to Assess, Upgrade path or fresh install?

Is there an upgrade path from a previously installed CE version to a paid licensing Assess version? Or does this require a fresh installation.

If there’s documentation on this, please link it. I checked the FAQ and I did not see any details.

@jgs2765 one cannot be upgraded to the other but you can migrate the data from one to the other! CE is a GitHub local install (Installing Dradis from Git | Dradis Framework) while Pro ships as a VM image (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)). Once you get your Pro instance up and running, you can export your project from CE (as Package) and then import it into a new Pro project: Importing and exporting projects | Dradis Pro Help. That should get you the results that you want (the data from CE moved over to Pro) but if you’re after something else, please let me know!

To confirm, there’s no manual installation of a paid version? I would then also have to obtain a system either hosted or local to run the VM image as well, is that correct?

@jgs2765 that is correct. More details about install options are here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (I’d also recommend checking out the next 2 questions after the one I linked). You can run something like VirtualBox on a laptop to run Dradis Pro (that’s what I’m doing!), no separate system is needed. Otherwise, you can use something like AWS and have Dradis run in the cloud if that’s easier. But yes, you’re correct, there is no manual installation of Dradis Pro.