Can't get started

Hi, new here and I’m having a problem getting started. When I launch dradis in the terminal I either can’t connect to or it comes up with a password setup page. The few times I received the page asking me to setup a password, I get this after punching in my password

. I’m working from 32-bit vmware Kali. Please help, very confused. Thanks.

Hey @ainulindale27, how did you install on Kali? If you didn’t use git, can you walk through these instructions? Installing Dradis on Kali Linux | Dradis Framework. I’m suspicious that this is due to running an older release than the latest one so want to make sure we can upgrade to the latest version.

Thanks for responding. The problem is solved though and I’m not sure what happened. I installed another virtual machine and it works perfectly that. Sorry to trouble you.