Upload output from tool - tools list disappears after using a methodology template

I downloaded the methodology templates for the PTES Technical Guidelines from this site: PTES Technical Guidelines Compliance Package | Industry - Dradis Academy

After putting one of the templates into the /shared/templates/methodologies/ folder and restarting Dradis, I see it as a choice in the templates list of the Add new methodology window, which is good. I can select it and it works fine.

The problem comes when I go to upload output from a tool. The only thing that shows up in my tool list now is:


How do I get the other tools back? The tool I want to upload output from is nmap.

In your Dradis folder, you probably have a Gemfile.plugins file.
If you don’t you can create it or rename Gemfile.plugins.template.
In that file, make sure you have the nmap line uncommented (no # at start):
gem 'dradis-nmap', '~> 3.14', github: 'dradis/dradis-nmap'
Then from your terminal and inside dradis folder execute:
$ bundle install
When you restart Dradis, the import plugins should be there.