Git Install Instructions branch

I’m trying to follow the git install instructions:

$ git clone GitHub - dradis/dradis-legacy: This is a LEGACY repo head to
$ cd dradisframework/
$ git checkout dradis3_blackhat-arsenal
$ ruby bin/setup
$ bundle exec rails server

I don’t see a “dradis3_blackhat-arsenal” branch. Should I use the “release-3.0” branch?

Sorry about that @Russel. The README is out of date: master is what I’d recommend you use.

Will patch README now.

The master branch still shows “git checkout dradis3_blackhat-arsenal”; The “release-3.0” branch seems to be correct though.

Hi @Russel,

Yes, release-3.0 is the one you want.

Also this may be useful:

(Use arrow keys to navigate; Esc to view all slides)

In particular, prerequisites:

And Dradis from Git:


So do I need to use the master branch or do I need to checkout the release-3.0 branch? Is the master branch version 2 or 3? Do you have link to you video for that bsides presentation?

Hi Russel,

Unfortunately there was no recording during BSides.

You need to checkout release-3.0.