Error processing package dradis

Setting up dradis (3.6.0-0kali1) …
Warning: The home dir /var/lib/dradis you specified already exists.
The system user dradis' already exists. Exiting. (at master) is not yet checked out. Run bundle install` first.
dpkg: error processing package dradis (–configure):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 11
Errors were encountered while processing:

#please help me

@riyan Thanks for reaching out! What command are you running above where you’re getting this error message? And, what folder are you running the command from?

Also, make sure you’ve got all of the dependencies listed here fulfilled! Installing Dradis on Kali Linux | Dradis Framework


You may find that an older version of Dradis is already installed with Kali.

Suggested trying your git clone in /opt/dradis-ce

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