Using Grafana for Dradis Stats

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I had the idea of using Grafana to gather stats on our pentesting projects. I was curious to know if people here have had experience using Grafana and if they had advice on what sort of data sources to rely on for this. I could either use the Dradis API and write a wrapper API to suit Grafana’s Simple JSON Datasource. OR I could expose Dradis’ MySQL database and create a new user specifically for Grafana. The benefit of options one is that the data is already parsed and easy to work with. The problem is that I need to build a whole new API to meet Grafana’s expectations. The benefit of the second way is that it’s basically plug and play. The issue is that some of the fields in Dradis aren’t individual fields in the database. So if I wanted to know what risk a certain issue is, I would need to parse the content of that issue. Are there any alternatives that I am not seeing?

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Hey @erielforchie what’s the specific format you’re after?

Perhaps you can tweak:

To get you most of the way there?


Hi. I ended up writing a custom Node API that interacts with the Dradis API. It’s very slow, but it does the job. It also gives me a lot of flexibility with regards to how I manipulate and format the data. When I am satisfied with it, I might consider pushing it to GitHub so it can be used by others.

Okay. Just updating this post. I’ve managed to speed up the API using node-cache. I have it clearing the cache every 1 minute.

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