Upgrade from 2.10


How it is possible to upgrade a 2.10 installation to a 3.0 in order to keep all my data.

If, there is no way, I’m thiniking it is no a mature solution. I can’t loose all my data every new version.



Hi @Manu,

Please review the Dradis versioning scheme page in our wiki, in particular:

The MAJOR digit remains stable unless a
backwards-incompatible change is introduced in the code. Something like a
change in the database schema.

Dradis 3 introduces some new models in the database, mainly Issues and Evidence. In 2.x a finding would be a Note of a specific category, in 3.x a finding is an Issue object.

That being said, it is likely you’ll be able to export your data from 2.10 (via Export menu > Full project) and re-import them in a fresh Dradis 3 project.

The best way to find out is to try, put 3.x in a different folder and try the export + import operation. Let us know how it goes.

I’ll try that.

Thank you