The plugin generators seem to be missing from the git install

The docs show this to create a new plugin framework:

bundle exec rails generate upload_plugin

However, Dradis, when installed from git, doesn’t include the generators for upload_plugin, export_plugin or import_plugin. Rails returns the error:

Could not find generator ‘upload_plugin’. Maybe you meant ‘model’, ‘test_unit:plugin’ or ‘controller’
Run rails generate --help for more options.

In an older version I found the generators in ./lib/generators

Should I copy over the generator’s directory or is there a better way?

Hi @mgargiullo,

Those generators were for old-style “plugins” which have been deprecated by Rails. Now we need “gems” which is what we’ve been doing migrating everything from ./vendor/plugins/ to their own repos (e.g. dradis-csv, dradis-nessus, etc.). We call these new style plugins “add-ons”, and you can see a full list of add-ons here:

Your best bet today is to copy the code from some of these add-ons and adjust it to your needs.

Fear not though, we’re working on step-by-step guides to create different add-ons, we’ll start with Export and Upload add-ons. Will keep you posted.