How to access dradis using symbolic url?

I’m starting Dradis CE with this command:
/var/www/dradis-ce/bin/rails server -b

I can access the web interface using the ip address of the server (e.g., but not using a third level domain (e.g.
I have this error:

## To allow requests to, add the following to your environment configuration: 
config.hosts << ""

In which file should I write this line of code?
I don’t know how Ruby works.

Thank you


Hi @ioclaudio.

You can add that line to this file.

Based on your post above, you should find this file at:

Ensure you add it after line 1 and restart the rails server for the change to take effect.

Let me know if that works for you.

Matt Budz
Designer | Dradis Framework

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