Dradis and Backup

How does Dradis 3.0 community handle backup? What are backup the methods?

Hi @quasib,

This is done via Thor tasks, once you’re done with a project. To back up the current project:

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec thor dradis:backup

To reset the app and start a new project:

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec thor dradis:reset

To see the full list of tasks available:

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec thor -T
thor dradis:backup                      # creates a backup of your current repository
thor dradis:export:word                 # export the current repository structure as a Word report
thor dradis:import:msf:all              # Import the hosts, sevices, notes, etc from Metasploit
thor dradis:import:osvdb:lookup ID      # search the OSVDB for a specific ID
thor dradis:import:osvdb:search QUERY   # search the OSVDB with a general query
thor dradis:reset                       # resets your local dradis repository
thor dradis:reset:attachments           # removes all attachments
thor dradis:reset:database              # removes all data from a dradis repository, except configurations
thor dradis:reset:logs                  # removes all log files
thor dradis:reset:password              # Set a new shared password to access the web interface
thor dradis:server                      # start dradis server 

Give it a try, if you find any issues, please post it in the tracker at Pull requests · dradis/dradis-legacy · GitHub


Is this backup approach suitable for regular, daily backups? Could you point me to the relevant file locations?

@Kalaratri what files are you looking for locations on?

Another option for regular/daily backups is to use the project export function described in more detail here: Importing and exporting projects | Dradis Pro Help (it’s a pro guide but the process is the same for the community edition)

Hi Rachel, thanks for your guidance. I was looking for what files I would need to backup for a project, but sounds like the export facility will do me fine. Would be nice if this could be scheduled within the tool to run on a particular frequency :slight_smile: