Any Metasploit gurus in the house?

Hi all,

I’ve already started working in the Metasploit plugin:

In the first release the idea will be to be able to push data from Metasploit (hosts, notes, vulns, loot, services) to Dradis using the API (through the new dradis-client bindings).

If anyone has played with Msf plugins before and wants to give us a hand, that’d be really appreciated.


Looking good!

Now that DOES looks good! I’m not a guru but I certainly am a Metasploit Fan and I have played with the plugins :wink:

Really like the concept of metasploit-dradis. What was the latest version of dradisframework that this worked with? How can we get it working on the latest version?

Tried it on the latest Kali but would prefer to get it working on Debian Jessie. The dradisframework that comes with Kali and the latest 3.0 dradisframework do not work in a straightforward or non-straightforward manner with the msfconsole. The `bundle’ command after /usr/share/metasploit-framework/Gemfile modification as well as “load dradis” both work using Ruby 2.1.0 and a connected PostgreSQL MSF database, but the node commands under msfconsole fail.

@atdre, I was able to test the metaspliot-plugin code last week with latest version from Dradis git and latest from Metasploit git.

The fact that the PostgreSQL connection had to be up got me at first, but once it was up and load dradis was successful I was able to use both dradis_nodes and dradis_add_node without problems.

Do you get any errors in the console or in ~/.msf4/logs/framework.log that can help?